Manuals Reports and Training Materials

Manuals Reports and Training Materials examples
Manuals Reports and Training Materials

Manuals, Reports and Training Materials

Inform workers, shareholders and others with custom-printed booklets, guides and presentations

While customer-facing printed materials often gain the most attention, there’s no overlooking the importance of manuals, reports, guides and other documents to the success of most businesses, organizations and nonprofits.

With them, you'll guide workers on policies or instruct them on procedures and processes particular to your operation — increasing order, efficiency and morale while doing so. Printed reports, on the other hand, will keep senior managers, shareholders, donors and others updated on your direction.

While straightforward in purpose, many such materials are anything but simple in terms of production. Some can be created quickly on office copiers. Others, however, require custom binding, colour-coding, laminated pages, tabbing and similar specialized techniques best left to the pros, like KKP.

Another plus to relying on KKP? Our custom design capabilities. Annual reports, fundraising appeals, sales presentations and other important printed materials can all benefit from an attractive cover and the well-ordered presentation of charts, tables, photos and illustrations that only a talented graphic artist can achieve.

Count on KKP for:

Annual report design Company or custom manuals Employee handbooks
Funding proposals Help guides Manager or orientation handbooks
Personnel manuals Presentations Reference books
Sales presentations Shareholder communications Supervisor handbooks
Technical documentations Training manuals


Whether I need 1 print or 10,000, and whether I need them today or next week, they always come through.
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KKP is professional, high quality, fairly priced, punctual, and reliable. I highly recommend KKP for their printing services and customer service.
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